Oct 05

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May 28

Thank You All!


Dear Parents,

As many of you already know, this is my final year of teaching and coaching math. I cannot leave this program without saying thank you to all the parent volunteers who have helped us over the four years I have been part of the RaiderMath Math Club. Your efforts are what make this whole program work.

Every year we pay fees to participate in a variety of math competitions which are local to national in scope. These include Mathcounts, American Mathematics Competitions (AMC), Continental Math League, Texas Coaches’ Math and Science Association (TMSCA), Texas Math League, and others. We also need to buy practice materials to help the students prepare for these competitions. We take approximately 90 qualified mathletes to the state TMSCA tournament each year. As you know, this trip includes an overnight stay in San Antonio. Without our funding, the cost of this trip would be onerous, if not impossible, for some of our kids. The funding for all of this comes as a result of your good efforts.

Last summer our club was able to give the school a grant of over $6,000 toward purchasing the latest in calculator technology for our algebra classrooms. With this grant our algebra students now work with the latest math classroom technology, Texas Instruments Nspire CX calculators that are linked together through a classroom wireless network.

This year we found ourselves in a position to offer partial scholarships to our top mathletes to attend summer competition math workshops. These scholarships range from $100 to $300. This will enable our best kids the opportunity to improve and hone their skills. These scholarships will total close to $3,000.

Most of these funds come from two math tournaments we host here at Quail Valley. Over the past four years the Quail Valley Math Tournament held in early December has become one of the largest Mathcounts style tournaments in the state (if not the country) with over 300 participants. Likewise our TMSCA Regional Qualifier in March also ranks with the largest. This year the 400+ contestants took over 1,200 tests. Entry fees and concessions mean these two events bring us significant revenues. And without your generous giving of time and effort, these events would not happen at all. And through our volunteers who work for ExxonMobil we receive some funds from the company which matches employee community service time with grants.

In addition to everything outlined above, there is an intangible that comes from your kindness that makes our work easier. Knowing we have this kind of community support makes things a lot easier and gives us an extremely comfortable feeling. And yes, there are days when we need this.

So, from the bottom of my heart, I say, Thank you.

Don Simmons

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Apr 22

A Good Way To End The Year



We finished out the year on a high note with several awards on the state and national stage.

  • TMSCA — 3rd Place Sweepstakes
    We took 90 plus students to the State TMSCA Tournament — more than any other school. We had some great individual efforts which resulted in some of our highest scores ever in some events. Our science kids were fantastic and placed first in the state.
  • Texas Math League — 6th Grade – 3rd Place; 7th Grade – 3rd Place; 8th Grade – 1st Place
    We are always a contender in this competition, and this is the second time we have been 8th grade champions.
  • Continental Math League — 6th Grade – Regional Champion; 7th Grade – Regional Champion; 8th Grade – Regional Champion
    The CML is a national contest with schools placed into regions. Rather than one specific test, there are six contests distributed over the school year. Our region is essentially the southeast and consists of the states from South Carolina through to Texas. The RaiderMath team took first place in the region at every grade level. This is a significant achievement, and the kids are to be congratulated for this.

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Apr 12

Competition Math Summer Workshops

hammer_11155 (3)Attached is a flyer for TMSCA/Mathcounts Summer workshops. These workshops are by the great Jeff Boyd, coach of The Village School and many time Texas and National champion (also my nemesis).

Summer is a great time to improve your competition skills and add new tools to your math toolbox. These workshops are a wonderful opportunity for you to learn from the best.

If it is at all possible to take advantage of this opportunity, I strongly encourage you to do so. You will learn a tremendous amount, and you will have an opportunity to meet new friends — kids you will see at competitions all next year. And what could be more fun than learning from Mr. Boyd in the summer and then beating his team during the school year?

CLICK HERE to see the workshop information flyer.

Summer workshop-Boyd 2013

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Mar 14

TMSCA Regional Qualifier Results

clipboardOn Saturday, March 9 we held the final tournament for students to qualify for the State TMSCA competition. We’re pleased to tell you we hosted over 447 students from some 28 schools. That is about 95 students more than last year!

All together the students took 1267 qualifying tests. With every test scored twice and qualifiers scored a third time, we ended up scoring 3252 tests. Our thanks to all of the volunteers who helped not only with scoring, but also data entry, registration, monitoring, and concessions.

The results are available on line at the link below. You can see how each student and each school performed as we get closer to April and the state finals.

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Feb 08

Summer Math Camps

If your child is really interested in math and wants to take his or her skills to the next level, a summer math camp might be a consideration. These camps are typically two to three weeks long and the kids live on a college campus while attending. There are many of these camps around the country, but I am listing some very fine camps that are here in Texas.

Please understand that I do not have any personal experience with any one of these camps. All I can tell you is that they run by the math departments of major state universities. I have had students attend them in the past and all were pleased. The websites are list if you are interested in learning more about them.

  • Mathworks at Texas State University
    Possibly the premier summer math camp in the country, Mathworks has programs for both middle school and high school students. The middle school program is a two week program. TSU is located in San Marcos.

  • Awesome Math at the the University of Texas at Dallas
    This is a three week program with many campers being Mathcounts competitors or aspirants. It will have about 80 kids from 6th through 11th grades.

  • SMaRT Camp at Texas A&M University
    This is a program for students who are on their way to high school (students must be at least 14 years old)  and want to continue their interest in mathematics.  This program is supported by the National Science Foundation and there apparently no fee this year.

  • Summer Mathematics Institute
    A unique summer program for middle and high school students who excel in mathematics and are excited about learning.  This program is part of the North Texas State’s Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science. See the website for more information.

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Jan 18

TMSCA Regional Qualifier

The TMSCA Regional Qualifier will be held at Quail Valley Middle School on Saturday, March 9. We invite everyone to join us for the final TMSCA Qualifier before the state competition. Click on the Menu Tab above for complete registration information.

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Oct 07

You Need A Mean Green Math Machine Tee-Shirt!

Get ready for a big year with RaiderMath!

We were very successful last year, and we expect another great year this year.

When we attend a math tournament we like to look sharp, wearing the absolutely best looking tee-shirt of any math team going. If you don’t have a shirt, or you need a new one, now is the time to order. Order deadline is October 21st!

You can RaiderMath Tee-Shirt Order Form or you can pick up an order form at the RaiderMath bulletin board in the math hallway. Make checks payable to QVMS.

2011-2012 RaiderMath “Mean Green” Tee Shirt

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Jan 16

Thank You For Helping Us!

We had about 260 student at the Mathcounts Mini-competition this past Saturday, and it could not have happened without all the help from our wonderful parent volunteers. We appreciate all of your help!

Also, a special thank you to Houston Chapter of the Texas Society of Professional Engineers which sponsors all of our Mathcounts tournaments year-in and year-out.

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Jan 08

Mathcounts Mini-competition

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